Process Evaluation

To understand, to improve, to continue improving... these are the goals addressed by the process evaluation. The method is primarily qualitative in its approach, with some quantitative measures when they are appropriate. The process evaluation provides complementary data on the strengths and weaknesses of the components of the project and allows the functioning of the project to be understood and improved and demonstrated, and for the improvement to be ongoing. This is for the benefit of the project team, its clientele, and others with an interest in it.

The P├Ądagogische Seminar elaborated a questionnaire for the process evaluation with questions aiming at collecting statements as to the satisfaction of the project partners with the project.

Satisfaction is one of the most frequently selected indicators to examine the quality of programmes. Thus both individual and joint expectations and actually occurred results can be determined regarding the development of the project. The questionnaire is available on the learning management system (LMS) and is regularly filled out. The results of the process evaluation are presented and discussed during the transnational meetings. Beyond that they are likewise available on the learning management system (LMS).


Exemplary result of process evaluation