The European Partnership

BUPNET GmbH, Göttingen, Germany is the project coordinator.

Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk GmbH - Training and Project Network ltd stands for professional and innovative training projects in the health and social sector, environment, tourism, e-business and journalism. Since 1999, BUPNET has developed and realised eLearning courses, tools and platforms. For seven years, BUPNET has been working on large scale European education and employment programmes.


Paritätischer Kindergarten Grone, Göttingen, Germany

A typical example for the German reality is the Paritätische Kindergarten: The kindergarten is situated in a "socially very crucial and critical area". The kindergarten provides services for 100 children in four groups on a daily basis. The focus of the work is to create an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual understanding between German and immigrant children.


Pädagagisches Seminar der Universität Göttingen, Germany

The institute is a well known pedagogical institution dealing with programmed learning and intercultural learning for more than 20 years. There are a strong links to the society for intercultural learning e.V. Göttingen.

The head of the institute, Prof. Dr. H.-D. Haller has been working in the field of pedagogical research and teaching for more than 25 years as well as in various projects with migrants and disadvantaged groups of the society. As a co-evaluator of different Learning Management Systems (e.g. SAP L3-Platform) he is an expert in Blended Learning


INSUP Formation, Bordeaux, France

The non-profit training institution consisting of 13 branches, with a 100-full time staff, is involved in the social and professional integration of young people and adults in the framework of European and national public training schemes. INSUP is especially sensitive to the needs of disadvantaged target groups in terms of skills enlargement, professional qualification, on-the-job support.



The Centre Académique de Formation Continue regroups on an academic level all institutes of the National Education and works in the field of adult training and participate, on demand, in the definition of complex training courses. The CAFOC is part of the professional training network of the Académie de Nice, its activities are centred on the professionalising and formation of trainers and on the optimisation of education systems through consulting, auditing and training services and the development of pedagogic instruments.


Piccola Cooperativa Il Ghetto, Cagliari, Sardinia

The co-operative provides consulting services and support activities for pedagogic institutes aiming at sensitising young people for their cultural patrimony and organises regularly cultural events in different regions of the island. Il Ghetto realises didactical studies in schools and other training institutes, elaborates, co-ordinates, and realises theoretical research programmes and offer training courses and professional training specially designed for individuals or groups.


Växjö kommun Kommunledningskontoret  Arbete & Utveckling, Växjö, Sweden

Labour & Development is a department of the executive office in Växjö municipality and works with adult education, integration and social supplementary. The department also works with Swedish courses for immigrants and with training courses for students with mental and physical disabilities and arranges special training courses for this.


Sure Start, Swansea, Wales, UK

Sure Start is a central government funded initiative, under the umbrella of Swansea NHS Trust. Sure Start has recently started to offer services for the production and delivery of cultural diversity training programmes for healthcare and other professionals to enable them to work appropriately with this client group.

One of the main aims of the Sure Start programme is to improve health by supporting parents in caring for children and promoting children's health and development. The work is undertaken in clients' homes and various community venues, sometimes collaboratively with other local agencies/professionals.


The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Latvia, Riga

The Faculty ensures the academic and professional training of the students, scientific research and creativity in pedagogy, psychology and educational science, as well as in philology, information science, art and some other fields. The latest trend in research and study fields is education management. The intercultural approach is integrated in all blocks of studies. The aims and tasks are closely connected not only with teachers' training but also with the research of education processes and the integration of topical tendencies of the society into the development of the faculty.