Exemplary films based on the critical incident approach

The work on the critical incidents has been a basis for discussion, reflection and exchange about cultural differences within the institutions and the partnership network which lead to the elaboration of further training material and learning activities (e.g. production of films) within special fields of the partner organisations.

With both audio and visual components films have the capacity to bring experiences, ideas and emotions of people from different cultures into a training programme. We didn't want to use ready-made films to avoid copyright laws and decided to produce our own films to be able to coordinate the suitability of content and difficulty of information with our learning groups. The films were produced with the learners during the training or within the INTEGRATION-group.

In the case of the French partner GIP FIPAN the films (5) were realised as video project with migrants as a form of self-expression to reflect upon their experiences of migration and to give them a voice to depict their cultural background.

The Parit?tische Kindergarten produced a film with the staff member who experienced the critical incident which was selected. The films were partially integrated in eLearning units and placed on the eLearning platform or shown on DVD to the learners' groups.

The general feedback of the learners' groups was very positive as the films reflect their experiences in cross-cultural situations.

You will find exemplary films in this section.